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Civil Litigation

As people work and operate together in society, it is inevitable that conflicts will arise.  Whether it involves managing conflict, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, when a dispute or conflict arises, we invest in finding appropriate solutions in the context of your best interests.  We then help you walk through that legal process.  Our expertise as condominium law lawyers and our numerous litigation successes make us your best choice for affordable, sensible litigation.  Do you know what your BATNA is?  Ask us – we do!

Condominium corporations are our speciality; they are governed by statutory framework which requires expertise and experience as to how a condominium works in order to ensure that the best legal solution to a litigious situation is found.

At Elia Associates, the litigation team's goal is to achieve the best possible results for our firm's clients.  The team brings a fresh approach towards delivering comprehensive and cost-effective legal solutions for condominiums, businesses, as well as individuals, whether by representing the firm's clients in court or in appropriate (alternative) dispute resolution proceedings.

Condominiums have been consistently compared to small towns or companies.  As such, they also have a need for a full range of legal services.  The litigation team's combined expertise in condominium law and civil litigation enables us to offer full litigation support to condominiums, whether with respect to condominium-specific matters such as enforcement issues, governance disputes, collections, dispute with developers, or with respect to other areas such as human rights, contract and construction disputes.

The litigation team at Elia Associates represents businesses and individuals in a wide variety of areas including corporate, commercial, real estate, human rights and condominium litigation.


Latest Articles

Marc Bhalla interviewed by CBC News about short-term rentals

June 20, 2017

Marc Bhalla was interviewed by CBC News for a story presented on last night's evening news.  

The focus of the news report surrounded the proposed regulations being contemplated by the City of Toronto in respect of short-term rental operations.

Marc spoke to each condominium's governing documents (Declaration, By-laws and Rules) complementing any forthcoming regulations by setting out if and how short-term rental operations can be carried out within each individual community.  He encouraged anyone interested in taking part in such operations to review the unique documents of their community in advance of doing so and noted that condominium corporations have a responsibility to ensure that community members comply with the law and the condominium's governing documents.

NEWS: Patricia Elia and Marc Bhalla speaking in Fredericton

June 1, 2017

Patricia Elia and Marc Bhalla will be taking part in a presentation hosted by the New Brunswick chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute.

As the session - Understanding Condo Conflict INSIDE OUT - Patricia and Marc will join Sonja Hodis in presenting an interactive seminar that delves into the mindsets involved in condominium conflict.