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Real Estate

Elia Associates offers a wide array of real estate legal services pertaining to new and re-sale, condominium and freehold, residential, commercial and recreational properties, including:

  • Reviewing Status Certificates and Disclosure Statements so that you understand what you are buying into; 
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating Agreements of Purchase and Sale for new or re-sale properties, residential or commercial; 
  • Attending to due diligence and transactional closings, including Interim Occupancy Closings for new condominium properties;
  • Arranging for title insurance, including existing owner policies;
  • Attending to institutional and private mortgages;
  • Preparing and registering Survivorship Applications;
  • Attending to title fraud deterrence;
  • Preparing and enforcing Lease Agreements; and
  • Attending to Power of Sale proceedings, Foreclosure and Attornment of Rent to enforce a mortgage or Condominium Lien.  

Our condominium law, civil litigation and estates practices often complement and enhance our real estate practice, as we combine our experience with current knowledge of issues and trends to achieve our goal of providing clients with comprehensive, cost effective and creative legal solutions.  In particular, our condominium law focus brings unique insights to the purchasing and selling of condominium units, for personal or investment purposes.

Whether you are looking for legal help in attending to a traditional real estate matter or are in search of representation willing to think outside of the box to find a resolution to a unique circumstance, Elia Associates is equipped and determined to achieve the best possible result for you.


Latest Articles

How the Sale of Goods Act Applies to Condos

It can be tempting, for simplicity’s sake, to assume that the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”) is the main, and sometimes only, source of law governing condominiums; however, there are many other pieces of legislation that can impact upon your community and its legal options.

The Condominium Paradox – Carefree Turnkey Living

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part series.

Part 1: Education

Everyone remembers – some with dread, some with fondness – that day in elementary school when the teacher asked you to name the three levels of government. If you’re a condominium owner, however, that question is trickier because there is, arguably, a fourth level of government for you to deal with. No, not a shadow government à la James Bond, Jason Bourne (or any other spy thriller really), but an unspoken level of democratically elected government to serve and lead the condominium community with all the attendant rules and regulations, legal obligations, and (lest we forget) political motivations.

So why, or perhaps how, can we look to, or consider condominium living as carefree turnkey living?